Mautic 4 came out last week. But does it make sense to upgrade? Of course! I collected 12 great new features and improvements, and 3 hidden gems, that you might have missed. Let’s dive in.

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  • Alex


    Tuve que comprar más espacio en disco.
    I just stumble on to your YouTube channel and web site.. They are, both, really useful for novice user of mautic. Thanks for all the info.

    You should do a video or tips in how to clean up the mautic server. Every so often i must upgrade my VPS disk just to keep mautic running.

    Again, thank for all the videos and tips.

  • Andy C


    Hi Alex,
    Great review. I’m coming back to Mautic after leaving it a few years back, but now I will be integrating with a Laravel 9.0 web app. Could you point me toward any information relating to connecting Mautic to Laravel projects?

    Also, I will want to connect with a WordPress installation on a subdomain.

    Curious to learn your thoughts.


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