Joey Keller

Automates Marketing

I’m Joey Keller, I’m glad to see you here.

I am the CTO at Friendly Automate, a Swiss Startup, that focuses on privacy friendly marketing tools. I’m also the assistant product lead at Mautic Open Source Project.

Every day I coach marketers to automate their processes, use Mautic to create better segments, meaningful campaigns, that lead to better ROI for their business.

I am also the host of the Marketing Automation Show, and the monthly Mautic Helpdesk Meetup.

You can find me at the Mautic Forums, the Mautic Facebook Group and I frequently speak at the Lagos Mautic Meetup.

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  • Capture and troubleshoot SNS logs (script inside)
    Once you set it up correctly, Mautic will capture the SNS bounces and complaints. But there are times when bounces won’t work. This tutorial and script will help you to troubleshoot it.
  • Learn Mautic – Courses overview
    As I promised in a previous Automation Show episode, I would like to lay out the whole curriculum I’m planning to cover with the Mautic courses. Basic 1. This tutorial will teach you all the basics you need to know […]
  • Free Course to kickstart You and Mautic
    If you attend the Mautic Helpdesk Meetups every first Tuesday of the month, you heard me promising a comprehensive Mautic Tutorial for months. I’ve been working on it since the summer already. Creating the curriculum was particularly hard, because I […]
  • 12 New Features in Mautic 4 (+3 hidden gems)
    Mautic 4 came out last week. But does it make sense to upgrade? Of course! I collected 12 great new features and improvements, and 3 hidden gems, that you might have missed. Let’s dive in.
  • Update Mautic 3+ to Mautic 4.0.1 (via SSH)
    This guide will tell you how to upgrade your Mautic 3+ installation to Mautic 4+. I have to say to smoothest upgrade ever. All command included and some heads up.
  • Install Mautic 4 on Ubuntu 18.04
    Here is a simple step by step guide about installing Mautic 4 on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 server. Enjoy.
  • The Mighty Pixel, that teleports contacts
    Mautic is super powerful when it comes to tracking anything on your own website, or any other website in fact. It is pretty brilliand if you want to track email opens and clicks. But sometimes it is just not enough. […]
  • Track Multiple Domains with Mautic
    This is a hot topic, as cookie based tracking can be tricky in a multi-domain environment. I started to work on a solution couple of months ago, and ended up creating a plugin, that helps with the multi-domain tracking. In […]
  • Instant Double Opt-in without cronjobs (3 examples)
    The minimum requirement for constant inboxing is to use the best list possible. This can be done with double opt-in procedure the easiest way. Many marketers feel, that Double opt-in slows them down. This is why:
  • Video Tutorial: Upgrade from Mautic 2.+ to 3.+
    If you are still on Mautic 2.+, you should put yourself together and upgrade as soon as possible. There is really no reason to stay on the 2.+ infrastructure, unless you use old plugins, that are not any more available for M3. But eventually the pros of upgrading will outweighs the cons anyway.
  • This new app figures out your cronjobs
    Cronjos are the heart of Mautic, as well it’s configured, as well your software will run. And yet most problems are related to crons (after clearing your cache), and they are not easy to troubleshoot them.
  • Tutorial: Creating your first MJML Template
    Now, that Mautic gives us the option to create super-responsive email templates, you might want to flex your design muscles and create your own. All you need is a bit of MJML language knowledge and a bit of affinity to […]
  • Add new functionality to your Mautic with a conversion table (2 case studies)
    There are some scenarios when you wish Mautic would have just a little bit more brain. Sometimes you are one step away from great marketing automation, íbut you would need to parse another database first to make your idea work. […]
  • Another type of welcome e-mail: The Story So Far
    When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they probably are new to your site. They read couple of blogposts or consumed other content, but in general they are new to YOU and what you are doing. My website is my domain […]
  • Mautic and the Beauty of the Deutsche Sprache
    If you’ve been sending emails forever, and happen to communicate with your clients in German, Russian (or another bunch of languages), you might need to use greeting words for your contacts based on their gender AND based on the relationship […]
  • Introducing: The Marketing Automation Show
    My tutorial about accepting webhooks generated a lot of questions and headache for the readers. I realized, that some tutorials are better to be made in a video format. I have about 30 tutorials lined up discussing campaign strategy, dynamic […]
  • Troubleshoot Mautic Campaigns: Fix Membership and Pending Actions
    Mautic is a great tool, but due to it’s amazing possibilities it lacks the intuitive UI when it comes to troubleshooting. And that is okay. Once you spend some time with troubleshooting campaigns you will understand how everything works.
  • Your next Ecommerce Campaings
    I attended the 2020 November Mauticon with two seminars. One of them supposed to give you some ideas regarding your next e-commerce campaign. But not only ideas. I actually shared some real life examples, results. Moreover, scripts, code snipplets for […]
  • Clean Your Emails Automatically with Mautic (2 Scripts)
    Before your would enthusiastically jump around in your room, I can assure you: I didn’t figure out a way to create an automatic way to clean a dirty, scraped or purchased list for bulletproof emailing. But I’ll show you how […]
  • Ultimate guide to Mautic cronjobs
    I created this guide for self-hosted Mautic users to understand, troubleshoot and optimise their crontab and time their Mautic cronjobs the proper way. It will help you to figure out why Mautic emails are not sent out, why campaign steps […]
  • Install a fully functional Mautic 3 on a Raspberry Pi
    There are two kinds of projects, that make the geek heart beat faster: Install Doom on any device, and run any software on a Raspberry Pi. I was shocked to find out that there is no proper instructions on the […]