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Content storm is coming.

A short update, before I’m releasing a bunch of content in the near future. It seems like a long silence, but I can assure you I have been working on a bunch of things related to Mautic in the past few months. The reason for radio silence has been waiting

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Mautic 5 Composer install simplified

After long waiting, it’s time to enjoy Mautic 5. Here is my spin on a composer install with step by step instructions including the new Amazon SES config and new cronjobs.

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Double Optin Plugin for Mautic

Using a double opt-in is really the first step to be a good emailer. The Mautic DOI plugin is like a swiss army knife. It will help you have a good list + protect you from bots.

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Updated Mautic documentation

Self hosted Mautic

Great, so you decided to use Mautic as Marketing Automation tool! If you did so, because you wanted a solution,

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Mautic as SAAS

Whal is a WordPress theme for App, Saas Products, Software, Startups and related products/services. It is 100% responsive and looks

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Emails: inbox more, cheaper

In this documentation you'll find guides to create your own email server, integrate it with Mautic. You'll learn everyday trickt

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