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  • Password protected Mautic landing pages
    Finally there is a simple way to create password protected landing pages for Mautic. Can you imaging cheaper way to craft an intranet page? I can’t. In fact I’m sharing 2 different ways to do it.
  • Learn with the Mautic Guided Tutorials plugin
    I’m really excited to launch my new plugin, since I’ve been working on it for months. It more then that, it’s a combination of a plugin + a tutorial tool + custom logic, that predicts the next step you should […]
  • Weekend Project: a Mautic Whatsapp Plugin
    Every marketer is up for reaching new customers, building better communication channels. The reason can be to have another channel where you can have meaningful conversations. Or to have another channel where you can contact stranger is masses, deliver a […]


Welcome to the most comprehensive Mautic tutorial site on the Internet.

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🎓 Tutorial: Install Mautic 4
A simple Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 installation with Apache 2+. All commands included. Public


🎓 Tutorial: The great Mautic weight control
Everything you need to know about Mautic’s database size optimization Public

🎓 Tutorial: Upgrade Mautic 3 to Mautic 4
A step by step guide to leave Mautic 3 behind. All commands included Public


🎓 Tutorial: Full guide to permissions and cache in Mautic
Learn how to fix 500 Errors in Mautic and use the right permissions. Public

🎓 Tutorial: Understand Why messages are queued in Mautic Public
Scripts: The message Queue fix MYSQL Scripts Free members

🎓 Tutorial: Capture, troubleshoot, analyse Amazon your bounces (SNS)
Make sense of your bounces and complaints Public
Script: Capture bounces and analyse, troubleshoot your email feedback loop. PRO

🎓 Tutorial: Protect Mautic training: 3 tips vs form spam and crawlers
Stop spam visitors / form entries Public
+2 advanced tricks for stopping spam in Mautic PRO

🎓 Tutorial: Stuck? This app figures out your cronjobs
Stop spam visitors / form entries Public
App: Download the cronjob app PRO


Download these beautiful, improved templates:
🎨 New, improved Paprika template M4 / M5
🎨 New, improved Confirm Me template M4 / M5
🎨 Responsive Preference Center M4 / M5
All templates are available in your download center Free members


Paid courses available for free for PRO members PRO
📚 Complete Mautic 4 Beginners video course
📚 Master Mautic 3/4 MJML Template creation video course
📚 Create RSS based emails – full video course
Enter your Academy PRO


🎓 Tutorial: Password protected Landing Pages for Mautic Public
And another elegant hack to password protect your landing pages PRO

🎓 Tutorial: Weekend Project: a Mautic Whatsapp Plugin
A plugin, that turns SMS chanel into Whatsapp Public

🎓 Tutorial: Process any webhook without Zapier (2022 version)
Process webhooks like a pro Public
Script: Download the example script
Free members

🎓 Tutorial: Clean your Emails automatically with Mautic (2 scripts)
Perfect list hygiene can be automated. Public
Script: Mautic webhook + 2 Email Cleaning services
Free members

🎓 Tutorial: Mighty pixel that teleports contacts
Add contacts by opening emails in sent from other systems Public
Script: The mighty pixel script Free members


🎓 Tutorial: Instant Double Optin for Mautic
Script: Instant double optin code Free members

🎓 Tutorial: Dealing with Time based campaigns with Mautic
Learn how to use time custom fields and date to manage campaigns Public
Detailed tutorial how to create birthday, countdown,
deadlines campaigns. PRO

🎓 Tutorial: Troubleshoot and fix your Mautic campaigns
Learn how Mautic campaigns work and troubleshoot them Public
PDF: Troubleshoot your campaigns with this flowchart
Free members