Nurturing campaigns are the most efficient way to warm up your clients, get them ready for the sales guys to swoop in, or just make them an offer online. Nurturing campaigns continuously evolve, you will want to make additions. This is how you do it with Mautic.

The contact’s future is written when she/he enters a campaign. All future actions are scheduled, his fate is sealed. After a contact entered the campaign, no new actions added or changes made to the campaign will be considered for the contacts who are already in the campaign.

A typical nurture campaign looks like this.

Segment or form starts the campaign, and emails are sent out periodically. Maybe you do some lead scoring here, but new actions added to the campaign will be not scheduled for contacts added to the campaign previously.

There are 2 workarounds for this problem:

Solution 1.

This solution requires you to anticipate future additions to your campaign. By adding a tag at the end of the campaign, you can mark contacts who finished the campaign.

Additions should be made in a new campaign, where only contacts are members who finished the first campaign. This is similar to moving from elementary school to highschool.

Solution 2.

You can make a filter for the last email sent in the campaign, and you can let people re-enter. All reentering contacts would be filtered by a tag, falling in a different branch of the campaign.

This works if you haven’t anticipated future additions to the campaign.

The solutions above need a bit longer description, so I recorded a video to show you step by step how it’s done.

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