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Stenders Cosmetics case study

It is all about efficiency: Stenders Cosmetics

As growing from a small to a medium size enterprise, Stenders Hungary faced the challange of optimizing marketing, distribution and inventory processes. We needed to accomplish the goal by keeping all current systems working together.

By modifying the POS system, we created real-time sales reporting. The newly aquired data was fed into a new reporting and planning tool, which helped marketing to make better promotions. By creating better ordering interface, the shop managers could make orders more efficiently. The POS system got connected to the Magento platform as well, that serves the Stenders Cosmetics website.

Stenders website:


RIOT Games Localization project

Gamers speak another langauge: Riot Games, League of Legends

Riot Games is a video game publisher, developer, and esports tournament organizer. By having thousends of customer service requests every day, Riot partially serves its customers with canned responses to answer their questions.

I am involved into creating the localized hungarian version for all of the responses, through smart templates. When you have thousends of emails to asnwer every day, efficiency is extremely important

baratikor case study

Customer service, micropayment is a Latvian-based hungrarian social network, that grow by 300% for months during a 5 month period. Experiencing such a growth needed fast introduction of micropayment payed services, unlocking a third tier of monetazation for this young social network.

By reaching new levels in micropayment, over 15% of users have payed for virtual goods within the social network.



Unicenta POS system case study

Upgrading the open source to enterprise level

Unicenta OPOS is the worlds most versatile open source Point of Sale system. After I started deploying POS systems for my clients, I quickly understood, there is a great demand for professional, taylor-made reporting addons for Unicenta-driven businesses.

Custom Uninceta backend development is the key to have deeper insight into your customers habits, your employees effectiveness and your inventories health. All key factors to your success.


Aapeli Case study

Games and micropayment for

Aapeli is Finland’s largest gaming social network with thousends of players every day enjoying over 60 browser based games. I was responsible about launching the website back in 2009. The challange was to set up a customer service and content development team, that can remotly work with PlayForia in a professional and independent way.

We launched integrated marketing campaign using social networks and videos. We created a special embedded marketing campaign, where users could challange each other to participate in the games.

By reaching over 150.000 registered users in 2012, Playforia became the largest gaming website in Hungary, and the third largest among the Playforia network sites.