Set Up Your Identity

As an agency, one of your first moves should be to let your own brand identity take over Mautic. Logo, tagline, colors.

You can do this by using the Mautic Whitelabeler tool.

  1. Download whitelabeler

cd /var/www/html/mautic/

Yes, we are downloading it into our zip file into the mautic main directory. This is not a plugin, it is more like a hacking tool, but it is essential for making the nesseccary changes.


Make sure files are the proper ownership, if needed do:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/mautic/

Open your white labeler and you will see the default white labeler screen:


  1. This is the relative path to your Mautic install on your server. If it’s all good, the color changes to green. If you have the unmatched version number, you’ll see a warning here. 
  2. Your mautic URL on the web. Make sure mautic-whitelabeler-master is not at the end of the URL. If you see the message: ‘OK. Mautic found.’ than you are all good.
  3. You can change this to your own Agency name
  4. Add footer to match your brand.
  5. You can add here more footer information.
  6. This is the sidebar preview section. When you modify the colors, you’ll be able to see all changes here.
  7. You can see the preview of the primary and hover color settings.
  8. Preview for your main login screen. This is live view, so once you change the logo, you’ll see the new design right away.
  9. Change your colors to match your brand identity.
  10. Sidebar logo is the one on the top. To match the original size, maybe you want to download the original Mautic log and use it as a template. Make sure you are fill out the margin values, otherwise the logo will be displaced.
  11. Change your login logo and see the preview in 8.
  12. Upload a new favicon and see the changes right away.
  13. You can any time revert to default. Could you useful if you went bananas with the colors.
  14. You can save config files (see 15-16) and this is the place for them to reload them.
  15. Save your work as a json config file. This is very important since all changes go away once you update Mautic. (Which you will do all the constantly.)
  16. Save as – you can name your save file.
  17. This is the magic button. Once your setting are final, you’d click here and apply to your changes to your site. This will take a while. You can follow the process in the console.
  18. Follow the process of updating your site. Wait until the process is finished. Might be couple of minutes.

Upon successful update the console looks like this:

Now rename your white labeler tool to make sure noone can hack your site.

mv mautic-whitelabeler-master [your new name here]

or delete it:

rm -r mautic-whitelabeler-master

Now you can log in into your new site 🙂