A short update, before I’m releasing a bunch of content in the near future. It seems like a long silence, but I can assure you I have been working on a bunch of things related to Mautic in the past few months.

The reason for radio silence has been waiting for the Mautic 5.1 update, and doing a LOT of experiementing and pushing Mautic’s capabilities beyond it’s current limits.

Okay, but what is really coming?

I think Mautic 5.1 will be a huge update, it will fix a bunch of bugs, and offer new features. Once it’s released, you’ll see a new video from me covering the new obvious and hidden features of this release.

I have 2 new tutorials in the pipeline regarding Mautic 5.1 installation and update. I will mostly cover the Amazon SES angle, my goal is to be comprehensive, so no questions are unanswered: SES transport, feedback loop, speed testing.

A new tutorial series is coming up, that is especially meant for cold emailers. I have done a bunch of tests with a new plugin from mtcextendee, and have some exciting result. If you are a cold mailer with multiple email identities in need of perfectly separating them, you don’t want to miss this.

I created a tutorial about the Twig Templates plugin about a year ago, but I kept it unreleased. The reason was simple: the creator of the plugin is an amazing person, and kept updating the plugin with newer and more powerful features. I simply never managed to keep up with him, and had to restart filming the plugin’s tutorial 3 times. Now I took another try and created a new tutorial with all the newest features included, and also some amazing examples.

And yes, there was one more setback for me: I got slammed by a service, that specialises on solving capchas. A huge number of fake registrations nearly ruined my Amazon SES reputation, and I had to do something about it. As I finally got a grip, I have a video coming up documenting that solution.

So please be patient, keep checking back or sign up 🙂

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