Creating beautiful forms is a constant struggle for Mautic users. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A new plugin by will allow you to create forms right in your Mautic instance.

You can download the plugin here. My readers can get an exclusive 20% off from the price for a limited time.

Use the code:


Here is a video about the plugin:

Once you downloaded the plugin, go to your Plugin page and reload your plugins.

Now there is a new menu item visible once you edit the form:

The designer loads you’ll be able to edit your form through the UI.

Just simply change the values, and click out from the right column into the left column. This will refresh the design.

You can also apply design from previous forms.

Your forms can be built in via Javascript as usual.

Two or Three Column Design

You can apply multi column design to your forms, like this by using a special form template.

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