The gamification case study

Ask any retailer, and they will tell you: its hard to find good sales people. Its even harder to keep them motivated and happy. You see, its not only about the money. If you give your salespeople a raise, sure they will feel appreciated, and less likely to leave your company, but how will it work out on the long run?

One of my clients approached me to put together a system, that is similar to loyality systems, designed specifically for employees of a company. I attended a gamification course at the University of Pennsylvania, where we learned how to build gamification based reward systems for employees.

After planning for couple of weeks, we decided to make an online dashboard for the employees, where some key performance indicatiors were shown every day. We provided them live data about their performance.

KPI for the success

The measured conditions were sales value / customer, served customers / day and upsell item count / customer. A score system was established, where more turnover and more sales resulted in better score.


The employees were sceptical at the beginning. They said the system is not reflecting their effort, but played along from day 1. The first result were visible after day 3. We noticed, that the employees calling eachother and congratulating after a larger sale. Everyone followed the scoreboard rigorously, we noticed, that the scoreboard is open on the desktop on each computer.

The activity was a complete success, we achieved 15% growth in average purchase and 18% growth in total volume.