Always up-to-date guide to Third Party Email Endpoints

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This is a summary of selected third party email endpoint providers. This list gives back strickly the price point of view. When choosing an email provider, you should consider other aspects as well.


Provider name / amouts sentEmail costCost / 1k email 
Mailgun 600k$283$0,47
Mailgun 2M$673$0,34
Sparkpost 1M$199$0,20
Sparkpost 2M$280$0,14
SendinBlue 750k$334$0,45
SendinBlue 3M$603$0,20
Mailjet 750k$334$0,45
Mailjet 2,5M$667$0,27
Sendgrid 600k$350$0,58
Sendgrid 2M$925$0,46
ElasticEmail 600k$40
ElasticEmail 2M$166$0,08
Amazon SES 600k$60$0,10
Amazon SES 2M$200$0,10