Delivery issues with Outlook/Hotmail

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Suddenly not delivering to Outlook and/or hotmail? If you are using a shared IP from a third party provider, you might suffer from another user’s bad delivery practices.

When your deliverability suffers like this, it can be traced back to two causes:

  1. Outlook spam filter thinks your domain is a spammer
  2. Outlook has an issue with your sending IP

In case Nr.1. you need to support a ticket:

In case Nr.2. you can ask Mailgun to look into the quality of the IP they provisioned to you:

I have an issue with my suddenly all my emails are delivered to Spam with Outlook/Hotmail.
I’m confident, we didn’t affect the ip’s delivery in a negative way.
Could you please check for me if the IP has delivery issues with this provider and provision a new IP address if possible?
Thank you!