What do I need to setup a Sendy mailing system with 50.000 / day emailing capability?

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1. Server
You will need a server, where you install Sendy. This server will manage the sending. This server most likely won’t send emails itself, but relay emails to Amazon, which delivers your email. Sendy will help you to manage your lists, campaigns and autoresponders.

It doesn’t have to be a new server. Depending on the amounts you send it can be the server, where you host your website. If you host your page on a simple WordPress only hosting, it probably won’t do, but any cloud VPS will be fine. You can get them for around $10-$20 / months.

2. Sendy purchased at Sendy’s website.
You need to purchase a legal copy of Sendy, here. Once you purchased it, you get the licence code in email.
If you have a previous copy of Sendy, make sure you upgrade.

3. Access to your Domain Name Settings
You can install Sendy to either on a single domain, like ‘mikesnewslletter.com’ or on a subdomain, like ‘newsletter.mikeswebsite.com’.
Either way, you need to have access to your domain name settings, which is the place like Godaddy.com or NameCheap.com where you registered your domain name.
When installing Sendy not only the domain name will be redirected to the server storing Sendy, but a specific information needs to be added to ensure deliverability. These settings makes huge difference in inboxing, and someone should do it, who knows hat he is doing.

4. An approved (not sandbox) Amazon SES account
When you first subscribe to Amazon SES, you will get a so called sandbox access. By using this access you can send only about 200 emails / day and to only approved recipients. You need to ask for a limit increase from Amazon to get a real, 50k / day account.

5. Access to your AWS, Amazon Control Panel.
Sendy needs to programatically connect to Amazon SES, and in order to do it, Sendy and Amazon SES needs to be connected via API access. A new IAM user has to be created in Amazon Control Panel. At least one email account has to be approved for sending.

The whole process should not take more than 2-3 hours.

Checklist for installing Mailwizz as email marketing solution
1. Logins to your Server
2. Sendy licence code
3. Login information to your DNS (probably domain name registrar)
4. Amazon Control panel login
+ Amazon SES account approved