The only way to frogleap your competition is to create relevant, quality and personalized content.
One aspect of this personalization is often under estimated.

The langauge.

And I don’t mean like ‘friendly’ or ‘professional’, when I say language I mean, that you try to speak to your contacts on the language they prefer.
With your previous tools you might have managed it by creating different lists and sending specific language content separately.

Friendly is brewed partially in Europe where we are happily embracing the multicultural environment, and adjust our tools to operate in this environment. If you want to be a truely european business with serving multiple markets on multiple langauges, than this tutorial will blow your mind away.

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This could be your multi-lingual double opt-in:

But I hope it isn’t!
I hope it looks like this, and works on 4 languages at least:

To create a simple double opt-in as above, you’ll need to be familiar with a couple of concepts in Mautic:

Translation of another content

You can select a content to be a translation of another content.
This means, that you can group them together and they will shown to contacts with the matching preferred language setting.
This little icon will show you if a translation is available for a certain content:

Once you open it, all the translations are available to edit:

In the example above the German version is the main one, and if we send an email to the English speakers, then the English version will be used.

2. Hidden form elements

You can add additional information to the contacts who fill out specific forms with hidden form elements. By adding a hidden field, that describes the preferred language, you can set the langauge of communication with each of your contacts automatically.

Simply add a ‘hidden’ field to your form:

Set a name you’ll like (won’t be visible). Then add the default language version. Make sure you are using the ISO langauge code, when specifing a language.

You also have to connect it with the right field in the contact profile. Do it as follows:

3. Combine everything you just learned

Now that you learned some cool advanced tactics, it’s time to put everything together. The result should be a nice, simple multi-language double opt-in campaign with your emails and pages neatly organized.

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