As I promised in a previous Automation Show episode, I would like to lay out the whole curriculum I’m planning to cover with the Mautic courses.

Basic 1.

This tutorial will teach you all the basics you need to know before starting to work with Mautic. You’ll be able to work with contacts, import data, create emails, send campaigns.

You can access the course in your own Mautic Academy after registering on this website.

All registration and the basics courses are for free.


  • Elements on the Dashboard
  • Widgets, contacts, emails sent
  • Main Menu, where are settings
  • The hidden dropdowns


  • Identified vs Anonymous Contacts
  • See last identified visitors.
  • Where are the lists in Mautic?
  • What are unknown visitors
  • How tracking and merging works
  • How to Add, Edit, View Contacts
  • Extensibility of the fields
  • What data does Mautic collect?
  • Events
  • Adding values to a contact: select, text, number
  • What are tags


  • Company – Contact relation
  • New company creation, adding some data
  • Company membership

Hands on Training: Your first newsletter In this practice we send out a simple newsletter with text to our contacts


  • Learn to work with segments
  • Apply filters (country, gender, interest, multiple etc.)
  • Understand segment recalculation
  • Understand what are live segments
  • All contacts segment
  • Unsubscribes and bounces exclusion

Simple import

  • Create a file in CSV to import
  • How to create a file in excel
  • How table headers and aliases are connected

Work with Emails

  • Learn segment email, template email.
  • Difference between template email and email template
  • Learn about templates and Hello template
  • Create a simple email, with text
  • Understand unsubscribe, webview
  • Understand custom email sender, email
  • Understand text version, autogenerate
  • Understand autosave, simple settings

Send out the newsletter

  • Let’s make a segment send
  • Understand the statistics together
  • Learn how to test newsletters properly with tokens

Hands on: Simple data strategy

  • Add our own specific custom fields to our contacts and create segments from them
  • Example: Step by step data strategy of a T-shirt selling business
  • Import, segment, filter based on different business specific conditions
  • Create custom fields based on different data formats
  • Segment custom fields, combine


  • Import new contacts with custom fields
  • Learn steps to import, batch size, background process, cro
  • Look at what we imported, how data is shown
  • Reorder data in Custom fields
  • Reimport and merge data


  • Create a simple newsletter subscription form
  • Add a thank you message.
  • Understand redirect.
  • Do a test entry, see preview, submissions
  • Add it to a static page Explain how to embed a form if not WordPress

Campaigns / Workflows

  • Understand how campaigns work: source, steps, decisions, conditions Explain how source connected actions work
  • Understand concepts: segment membership, campaign membership
  • Show where segment membership is checked
  • Understand hard coded segment vs earned segment

Hands on: Create a Welcome series Create 3 emails for the campaign.

  • Learn to clone emails.
  • Use number in Internal names
  • Choose form as source and add 3 emails timed Explain marketing vs transactional setting
  • Add points and a tag at the end of the flow
  • Explain what happens when you expend the campaign / not triggered for existing contacts

Understand campaign stats

  • Understand how campaign progess can be read: pending, success
  • Understand, that success ≠ completion, but also scheduled tasks
  • Understand the Limbo at the bottom of the campaign

Basic 2.

(In development)

Learn to work with Mautic Dashboard

  • Add widgets to the Dashboard
  • Learn how to load and save Dashboards

Understand the Calendar view

  • This is how to use the Calendar
  • What is shown on the calendar?

Work with Contacts

  • Quick add new contact
  • Add Columns to contact page
  • What is contact ownership?
  • Understand Anonymous visitors
  • Deal with Do Not Contacts
  • Understand Contacts Timeline, filter, open events

Work with the Tag Manager

  • Add and remove tags
  • List contacts by tags (those who finished the nurturing campaign)

Understand how Company Entity works in Mautic

  • Create a new company
  • Use company or Contact as entity?
  • What is a company owner?
  • Multiple companies?

Learn more Forms tricks

  • Form actions: send to user
  • Form actions: add points, remove dnc

Your first Focus item

  • Create a focus item and build it in into your Webpage / wordpress
  • Add focus item to your landing page

Create beautiful emails

  • Create beautiful emails with the GrapesJsBuilder
  • Move emails from Mailchimp to Mautic

Hands on: Create a simple Double optin Campaign

  • Understand how a Mautic Double Opt-in Campaign Works

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