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Learn Mautic With Community Videos

Looking for a place to start learning Mautic? Here is a list of curated list of community videos that helps you to get started. The list is updated every week. Total of 71 videos. Last update: January 23. 2020.

VersionTitleCreated / UpdatedLevelCreatorTopics
v2, v3, anyConnect Thrive Themes with Mautic

15.09.2017IntermediateSonny TeeThriveThemes
v2, v3, anyMautic Introduction
v2, v3, anyWhat is Mautic?
A short introduction

06.02.2017IntermediateMautic OfficialOverview
v2, v3, anyHow To Install Mautic On A VPS Easily & Securely [2020 Guide]

14.04.2020BeginnerProfitable ToolsVPS install, Vultr
v2, v3, anyCreate Campaigns & Broadcasts With Mautic

28.05.2020BeginnerProfitable ToolsSegments, Emails, Campaigns
v2, v3, anyAdd Amazon SES SMTP (Not API) to Mautic

18.04.2020BeginnerProfitable ToolsAmazon SES, Bounces
v2, v3, anyLearn how to install and customize LP1, a free Mautic landing page theme from Innotiom

28.07.2017BeginnerChris CalabroTemplates, Design
v2, v3, anyLearn how Dynamic Web Content works

06.07.2016BeginnerMautic OfficialDynamic Content
v2, v3, anyWhat are Stages

06.07.2016BeginnerMautic OfficialStages
v2, v3, anyBidirectional Integration with Hubspot

13.12.2016IntermediateMautic OfficialHubspot
v2, v3, anyUnderstand Preferences and Categories

01.12.2016BeginnerMautic OfficialContact preferences, Categories
v2, v3, anyWhat are Global Categories?

01.12.2016BeginnerMautic OfficialGlobal Categories
v2, v3, anyHow to Customise Your Mautic Form Styles

03.08.2018IntermediateChris CalabroForms, Design
v2, v3, anyHow to customize your Mautic forms to look however you want

02.10.2018IntermediateCactus Social Media AutomationForms, Design
v2, v3, anyUsing Mautic Stages to create an automated pipeline marketing system

06.02.2019IntermediateCactus Social Media AutomationStages, Sales Funnel
v2, v3, anyHow to Create a Basic Re-engagement Campaign in Mautic

28.09.2017IntermediateChris CalabroEmail, Broadcast
v2, v3, anySend Ringless Voicemails with SlyBroadcast and Mautic

09.12.2019IntermediateChris CalabroVoicemail, SMS, Slybroadcast
v2, v3, anyHow to Build Mautic Email Themes – Without a Developer

21.07.2020IntermediateChris CalabroTemplate, Design, Email
v2, v3, anyHow to Integrate Mautic with WordPress to Capture Leads

28.04.2019BeginnerAraix UniversityCapture Leads
v2, v3, anyHow to install Mautic on VirtualBox

06.08.2020BeginnerTee VeeInstall, Virtualbox
v2, v3, anySet Up Mautic Cron Jobs

04.12.2018BeginnerKevin RundleCron jobs
v2, v3, anyInstall Mautic Tracking Pixel

04.01.2019BeginnerKevin RundleTracking Pixel
v2, v3, anyInstall Mautic Using Softaculus

04.12.2018BeginnerKevin RundleInstallation
v2, v3, anyWhy to Choose Mautic

01.12.2018BeginnerKevin RundleOverview
v2, v3, anyHow to Capture UTM Parameters with Mautic Forms

23.07.2020IntermediateChris CalabroForms, UTM
v2, v3, anyWhere to Self-host Mautic?

06.02.2019BeginnerKevin RundleInstallation, Hosting
v2, v3, anyLearn to Install Mautic on google cloud

30.10.2017BeginnerTushar Chaudhari Installation
v2, v3, anySocial Monitoring in Mautic

05.02.2017BeginnerChris du ToitSocial
v2, v3, anyMautic Facebook Custom Audience Integration

v2, v3, anyQuick And Dirty Mautic Form Syleing

09.02.2019IntermediateKevin RundleForms, CSS, Styling
v2, v3, anyMultilingual Double Optin

14.09.2020IntermediateFriendly AutomateDouble Opt-in, Multi-language
v2, v3, anySend Individual SMS

01.06.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing SMS
v2, v3, anyMonitor Email Performance

16.09.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Emails, Statistics, Inboxing
v2, v3, anyMautic: Dashboard Report Types

16.09.2020IntroHigher Education Marketing Dashboards
v2, v3, anyMautic: Manage User Permissions

16.09.2020IntroHigher Education Marketing User Permissions
v2, v3, anyHow to import dashboards

16.09.2020IntroHigher Education Marketing Dashboards
v2, v3, anyWhat is Live mode?

16.09.2020Tips and tricksHigher Education Marketing Live mode
v2, v3, anyManage Segments

16.09.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Segments
v2, v3, anyAutomatic Email Campaigns In Mautic

26.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumCampaigns, Email
v2, v3, anySet up Cron jobs on Bluehost, Elastice Email

25.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumBluehost, Cron jobs, Elastic Email
v2, v3, anyConnect Google Contacts, Asset Download in Mautic

27.12.2019IntermediateIn The SymposiumGoogle Contacts, Zapier, Download asset
v2, v3, anyBuilding Forms

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumForms
v2, v3, anyUsing forms in campaigns

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumForms, Campaigns
v2, v3, anyEmbed forms with Wordpress

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumWordpress
v2, v3, anyDownload Asset, Gated Content

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumAssets
v2, v3, anyUse Plugins

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumZapier
v2, v3, anyClear Cache in Bluehost

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumClear Cache, Bluehost
v2, v3, anyShort Intro Into Points

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumPoints
v2, v3, anyHow to add custom email themes

18.12.2019BeginnerIn The SymposiumEmail Templates
v2, v3, anyCreate a template Email

07.06.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Email
v2, v3, anyHow to log a call

01.06.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing CRM features, Call
v2, v3, anyHow to set up user roles

31.05.2020IntermediateHigher Education Marketing User Roles
v2, v3, anyBuilding Landing pages

28.07.2019BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Landing Pages
v2, v3, anyView Contact Import History

10.09.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Import
v2, v3, anyExport Contact List

10.09.2020BeginnerHigher Education Marketing Export
v2, v3, anyImport Mailchimp Template To Mautic

30.07.2020BeginnerFriendly AutomateEmail templates
v2, v3, anyLead Scoring for unknown contacts part 1

30.07.2020IntermediateFriendly AutomateLead scoring, points
v2, v3, anyLead Scoring for Unknow contacts part 2

30.07.2020IntermediateFriendly AutomateLead scoring, points
v2, v3, anyImport Contacts in a smart way part 1

30.07.2020BeginnerFriendly AutomateImport
v2, v3, anyImport Contacts in a smart way part 2

30.07.2020BeginnerFriendly AutomateImport
v2, v3, anyHow to test your newsletters

30.07.2020BeginnerFriendly AutomateEmail, Testing
V2, v3, anyHow to create an exit intent pop-up form using Mautic focus items

14.07.2018IntermediateCactus Social Media AutomationFocus item, popup
V2, v3, anyCreate a landing page with form to capture leads
05.07.2018BeginnerTru AcademyForms, Landing pages
V2, v3, anyConfigure Pepipost With Mautic

20.02.2020BeginnerPepipostSMTP, Pepipost
V2, v3, anyDynamic values in Mautic forms: date, time, url
V2, v3, anyDynamic Content in emails
01.09.2020AdvancedCactus AutomationEmails, Personalisation
V2, v3, anyForum: Stages best practices
01.09.2020AdvancedMautic Community ForumStages
V2, v3, anyForum: Configure Amazon SES sending rate
06.08.2020AdvancedMautic Community ForumCron jobs, Emails, Amazon SES
V2, v3, anySet up Twilio for Mautic Step by step
01.09.2020AdvancedFriendly AutomateTwilio, SMS
V2, v3, anyMove Mautic to a new server
21.09.2018AdvancedOutergain.comMoving Mautic
V2, v3, anyEasy synch Contacts between Wordpress and Mautic01.09.2020AdvancedChris CalabroWordpress, Contacts