I’m really excited to launch my new plugin, since I’ve been working on it for months. It more then that, it’s a combination of a plugin + a tutorial tool + custom logic, that predicts the next step you should complete on your Mautic learning experience.

The problem with creating Mautic tutorials is to relevant to the use case and simple enough not to scare the marketer. Since you can use Mautic on so many ways it is super hard to be relevant all the time, and given Mautic’s mighty capabilities how can we create a complete tutorial, but keep it short?

I used to have a searchable database with a bunch of cool tutorials on my website. You could search tutorials by Mautic version, topic, and difficulty. It was okay, but very often marketers didn’t understand how the steps are built on each other, what tasks have to be done before a feature can be used.

For example in order to use a campaign you will need a segment. Or a form. For a segment you need contacts. Maybe custom fields. Oh yes, you need that for a form as well. And a template email. And by the way you should be able to import everything, but you need to have a good custom field structure for that.

As you see, this can be super complicated for the first sight. And one you pass the first problems, you will want to learn more, and have great ideas delivered to you from time to time. At one point you might want to build a multi-lingual location based lead magnet, or a multi topic preference center. The learning never stops.
In order to achieve this, I created a 4 cornerstones and tied them together. The components are:

  1. A bunch of tutorials, that covers the first steps, advanced tasks, special tutorials
  2. A new plugin, that gives you the possibility submit summarised statistical usage information about your Mautic instance
  3. A todo app, that displays the next step depending on your place in the journey, let’s you hide for later / complete steps, highlight achievements and give you tips
  4. A logic, that figures out the next logical step and keeps recommending something new all the time, notifies you about bugs and upgrades

This plugin is for free to use, all you need is a registration on Joeykeller.com. Just like the Download Center, this tool will have more content for supporter members. Without them I would have never made this plugin and tool. So thank you so much again. You can also be a supporter member for 19 EUR / month and get a lot more out from your membership on my website.

You can read more about the plugin here, or watch the video showcasing it and installing it.

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