Mailwizz is an email marketing solution allowing you to send unlimited number of emails to unlimited number of contacts without any monthly fees.

You can set up multiple delivery servers, have multiple sending identities.

Mailwizz Introduction

Please see my free curated video collection about how to install, use and maintain Mailwizz

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Complete Guide on installing Mailwizz

Learn how to install Mailwizz in any environment regardless what type of VPS you use. This guide is for beginner and advanced Linux users alike. See Guides

Free: Marketer’s Guide to Mailwizz

Learn what every Marketer should know about Mailwizz

Official and hand picked tutorials for any Marketer, who would like to use Mailwizz as an email marketing soltution. See Guides

Free: Backend Administration for Mailwizz

Fine-tune your Mailwizz software with these tutorials

Learn all basic settings and fine tuning alternatives with these official and unofficial guides. See Guides

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