Mailwizz installation video guides for administrators

This section includes installation guide for Mailwizz on different VPS solutions including Bluehost, Cloudways, etc.

If you would like to know more about campaign and list management of Mailwizz, or just learn about using it as an email marketer, I have a bunch of guides here for different environments: Mailwizz Guides for Marketers

If you are interested in learning about tweaking, maintaining and setups in Mailwizz, you can read it here: Mailwizz Admin Guides

01 Install Mailwizz on Cloudways

A detailed tutorial on Mailwizz installation from scratch on Cloudways service. (24:15 min)

03.1 Install Mailwizz on a VPS with CPanel

This is a super detailed video explaining how to create a Mailwizz system without a third party SMTP. Describes DKIM and rDNS setup as well.
(14:08 min)

03.2 Install Mailwizz on a VPS with CPanel part 2
(20:33 min)

04 Install Mailwizz on a VPS from scratch

This tutorial will tell you how to buy a domain name, set u a VPS from scratch, install Webmin/Virtualmin and set up Mailwizz. (36:21 min)

05 Official installation video of Mailwizz

This video came out in 2018, and it is still pretty accurate. You should use if if you need a quick guide regarding installation only. It doesn’t cover database creation and other specific settings.