Mailwizz Video Guides for marketers

Mailwizz video tutorials for marketers

This is a curated list of tutorials for marketing professionals. The list doesn’t include any video about installation and maintenance, strictly about using Mailwizz and sending campaigns.

If you would like to know more about installation of Mailwizz, I have a bunch of guides here for different environments: Mailwizz Installation Guides For Administrators

If you are interested in learning about tweaking, maintaining and setups in Mailwizz, you can read it here: Mailwizz Admin Guides

01 List and subscriber management

(12:54 min)

02 Introduction to campaigns

(18:15 min)

03 Sending campaigns and reading the statistics

(8:53 min)

04 How to upload templates to Mailwizz

(11:55 min)

05 Create an optin form and autoresponder

(14:05 min)