This is me ūüôā

Hey, I’m Joey Keller a marketing automation expert. I love automating campaigns, processes or just work at scale.

I’m CTO at Friendly Automate, a Swiss startup, that focuses on ethical marketing tools.

I lived in Switzerland and the United States for couple of years, which experience helped me to perfect my inter-cultural communication skills. My family is bi-lingual, therefore English is my second native language. Besides Hungarian I also speak German and Latvian.


Company: Friendly Automate
Position: CTO
Date: April 2020 – present
Friendly Automate is a professional Marketing solution based on Mautic.


Company: Titan exclusive
Position: Head of insights and delivery
Date: April 2016 – April 2020
Titan Exclusive works on a global scale, develops strategies to distribute its clients campaigns using a combination of its diverse network of affiliates, its advanced emailing marketing solution, and a surplus of quality traffic gained from its own web properties.
As head insights and delivery I had the opportunity to overview and manage campaign processes, improve delivery rates, and ensure the highest possible ROI for our advertisers.

Company: Stenders Cosmetics
Position: Head of e-business and operations
Date: January 2014 – present
Stenders is a global cosmetics brand developing a wide range of bath and body care products from natural ingredients. As head of e-business I’m coordinating the website development with our team abroad, marketing activities including promotions, newsletters and Facebook presence.
We also aggregate data from our brick and mortar stores and web analytics tools to support decision making regarding inventory, staffing and marketing spending.

Position: Country manager
Date: August 2007 РJanuary 2014 was a social network, that flourished in a Facebook dominated world. The site introduced various smart premium services, that created real value for its users.
As country manager I was responsible for setting up the customer support, sales and content management teams and launching the social network in Hungary. I supervised various projects creating real value for our advertisers and our users.

Check out my side projects

Company: Visit Britain UK
Created the local web-store for I was also responsible about creating online campaigns to support the launch.


Company: Playforia Finland
Launched the Playforia Gaming Social Network in Hungary. I also set up the local content management and support team.

Company: Riot Games USA
Streamlining and local support team’s work by creating more effective communication with users.

Company: Unicenta UK
Creating custom modules for Unicenta POS software to enable better reporting and decision making for its users.

Previous employment

Company: Malév Hungarian Airlines
Date: May 2003 – August 2007
Mal√©v Hungarian Airlines was a¬†national carrier, member of the Oneworld Alliance. Mal√©v’s booking website grew from 0 to over ¬†10 million EUR turnover in just four years.
As e-business manager I coordinated the content development and technical development of the website. During my years the old non-functional website was transformed into a thriving travel portal becoming the highest grossing website in the country.