Provider name / amouts sentEmail costCost / 1k email 
Mailgun 600k$283$0,47
Mailgun 2M$673$0,34
Sparkpost 1M$199$0,20
Sparkpost 2M$280$0,14
SendinBlue 750k$334$0,45
SendinBlue 3M$603$0,20
Mailjet 750k$334$0,45
Mailjet 2,5M$667$0,27
Sendgrid 600k$350$0,58
Sendgrid 2M$925$0,46
ElasticEmail 600k$40
ElasticEmail 2M$166$0,08
Amazon SES 600k$60$0,10
Amazon SES 2M$200$0,10


What is Mautic?* (3:30)


Getting Started with Mautic (5:31)

And create a segment

Setting up an autoresponder (8:05)

DIY Sales Funnel Setup with Mautic*

Social Monitoring in Mautic* (8:29)

Add a gated video in Mautic (3:34)

Keyboard Shortcuts (1:03)

Update Company fields from csv imports (1:23)

Easily make x days based conditions to a campaign (1:49)

Add customise subjects in an Email (0:54)

Send only to new contact segment in an ongoing campaign (2:22)

Use the 2.5 Editor (Still active) (1:49)

Master the usage of wildcards to filter results (1:57)

Lead Scoring With Points (1:59)*

Stages in Mautic (3:21)*

Make beautiful landing pages in Mautic (11:53)*

Update a contact segment in a campaign (1:31)

Sending Text messages (1:05)

Personalise Emails with Ease (1:17)

Insert Dynamic content into Joomla / WordPress / Drupal (1:49)

Insert a form into a landing page (0:56)


Choosing web hosting (1:49)

Choosing your email service (1:44)

Install SES on Mautic

Add a favicon to a custom theme (1:18)

Install a tracking pixel (6:36)

Install WordPress tracking on Mautic (3:30)

Install Mautic on AWS (14:06)

Change Mautic’s Domain (5:01)

Understand Cron Jobs (2:02)

Mautic cron jobs update (1:37)


Choosing The Right Form (1:24)

Powerforming – actions with standalone forms (1:13)

Add exit intent form*

Creating Drip Campaigns (1:41)*


Hands on Mautic (1:08:32)*


Mautic is a fantastic tool for marketers, if you have a great marketing process at your company.

As any professional tool – Mautic will be only useful if you know what you are doing. In this post I collected all the useful videos you can find on youtube regarding installing, setting up and using Mautic.

If you would like to have guided lessons, try my Mautic course, which is coming soon, you can sign up here: