When choosing a new teammate you have to be sure, that this person is familiar with the tools your team is using. As a difital nomad, I used over 100 different online tools to help me to achieve my clients goals. This is my list of the tools I find the best at the momment, but I’m always eager to learn new ways to communicate, work and research on the internet – the place I like to call home.

slack 1

The nomad-proof tools I use with my clients

Team communication

Slack is the absolute basic for nomads, and I find it the most effective way to communicate with teams. I use Google+ Hangouts and Facetime for one to one communication. My Skype is also always available for a quick chat, presentation or even a video call.


Project management

I love the simplicity of Trello, but I also use Basecamp with bigger teams. I like to use Evernote for projects with bigger design emphasys. My brain is working on GTD methodology, so anything, that accepts that is fine for me. Yes, a notepad txt file as well.

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SEO jobs

I found Google keyword planner the most useful tool, and I do monitoring with a self hosted SEO Panel. I also use UberSuggest for jobs, that require enlarging current keyword pool.

Did I already mention, that I’m a certified Google Adwords Partner?

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Social marketing

For new clients, where discovering opportunities is very important, I use Buffer. This tool enables you to schedule posts on multiple media sites. If we are talking about social networking analytics, than SocialBro is my partner in crime. It gives you audience sentiment and helps you to ace your twitter strategy.

This is how I work

Email marketing

No, I’m not using Mailchimp anymore. Its an easy way to create email campaigns, but its way too expensive. Sendy is just as effective and you can create the same level of analytics by combining it with Google Analytics.

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PR and Content marketing

I beleive in personal communication and I don’t like to use automated solutions for building PR contacts. In case of bigger projects I use HARO and LittleBird,