Cronjos are the heart of Mautic, as well it’s configured, as well your software will run. And yet most problems are related to crons (after clearing your cache), and they are not easy to troubleshoot them.

This is mostly due to the fact, that some users are unable to find out the real path for their installation.

This is how it works:

  1. Download the app from your download center. (For now free – after registration.)
  2. Upload the zip into your mautic folder.
  3. Unzip it, go to the cronhelper folder and open index.php. Fill out your email.
  4. In your browser open your mautic page, which is something like this:

Why do you need to fill out the email? Well, this app is free right now, but it will be coffeeware within couple of weeks. It means it will cost a one time fee of $5 to use, as saying thank you for saving both of us time to try to optimize your crontab. The app will be constantly updated giving you more and more tips and tricks. 100% from the income will be used for Mautic app development.

Good luck, and thank you for testing. Feedback is appreciated in the comments.


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