This is a hot topic, as cookie based tracking can be tricky in a multi-domain environment. I started to work on a solution couple of months ago, and ended up creating a plugin, that helps with the multi-domain tracking.

In order to get you covered in your multi-domain tracking endeavors, I would like to share 2 videos and some code with you. Have fun.

If you are trying to track multiple domains with Mautic, you’ll face the following issues:

  • You need to serve first party cookie to your Mautic domain on every tracked domain.

This means: if you have Mautic on, you can’t freely track anymore. You need to set up a tracking domain using a CNAME, like, that resolves to

  • In order to have great inboxing rate you’ll need to keep the domains in your email relevant to the sender, and the content you are sending.

This means: if your Mautic is on, all your unsubscribe links and other links in your emails will have This domain can influence your inboxing rate even if you send from However you can add tracking domain in this case as well, and with the help of the Multi-Domain plugin you can now mask all your links and delete tracks from the Mautic domain.

You can learn more about why Multi Tracking matters in the following Mauticon presentation:

Watch the Marketing Automation Show for a walkthrough, and start using Multi-Domain tracking

You can download the plugin here:

Do you have questions? Add it to the comments!