I attended the 2020 November Mauticon with two seminars. One of them supposed to give you some ideas regarding your next e-commerce campaign.

But not only ideas. I actually shared some real life examples, results. Moreover, scripts, code snipplets for you to use in your next marketing automation campaign.

In this video you’ll learn:

How to create your own e-commerce strategy

  • Why and how to create your automation strategy
  • What should be your first steps
  • What skills will you need
  • How long will it take

How to access data from other sources

  • Use data you already collect
  • How to grab data pushed by webhooks
  • How to synch data with other services
  • Examples: Woocommerce, Unicenta integration with code snipplets

How to Create Meaningful Campaigns

  • New visitors vs returning visitors
  • Campaigns based on purchase history
  • Campaigns based on shopping behaviour
  • Campaings based on personas

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