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Self hosted Mautic

Great, so you decided to use Mautic as Marketing Automation tool!

If you did so, because you wanted a solution, that is free, then you are on the wrong path. Self hosting Mautic is not free, you will spend money on servers to host your software, SMTP providers to send email.

In this section I summed up the requirements for creating a self hosted environment, possible costs and challenges.


This section includes solution for problems, that occur every now

First steps with Mautic

Congratulations for installing Mautic! In this section you’ll learn how

Use Mautic for amazing marketing automation

Mautic installation

Mautic 4+ Installing Mautic 4 is just couple of easy

Getting started with Mautic

I’m glad, you are considering Mautic as your newsletter tool,

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