Requirements for sending Emails

Third party SMTP

If you were planning to use your own virtual server for sending emails, please forget it. Unless you have experience administering your own email server, you won’t succeed.

In order to send emails with Mautic, you need a third party SMTP service to ensure emails get delivered in a scalable way. Mautic 5 uses Symfony’s built-in messenger system to communicate with third party SMTp, like Amazon SES, Sparkpost, etc. Before you decide which service to choose, you should check out the list of integrated SMTPs.

When using a third party SMTP, you always have 2 ways to communicate with their servers. You can connect them via port 22, which is the startdard smtp port, or you can connect via API, oper port 80.

Api has 2 advantages:

  • Api is about 4x faster, then SMTP
  • SMTP communication happens over port 22, which is often blocked by providers to make sure the server user won’t send spam.

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