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Mautic installation

Mautic 4+

Installing Mautic 4 is just couple of easy steps. There are a bunch of guides on the internet, and here I’m sharing one that helps you to install Mautic on Ubuntu systems. (18.04, 20.04, 22.04.)

Mautic 5+

Mautic 5 is scheduled to come out last quarter of 2023. It will be faster, more stable, a lot leaner. It will include a tons of bugfixes, and a few new features.

Mautic 5 won’t run on most of shared servers anymore, and will need you to learn to master composer as well. You’ll find all the help you need here when the time comes.

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  • Ivan


    Hi Joey,
    Just a small correction.
    Port 22 is the standard SSH port. SMTP unencrypted runs over port 25.
    best regards


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