How to ask for limit raise with Amazon SES in 2020

n order to be able to send more than 200 emails / day, you will need to ask for a limit raise.

Amazon SES support will manually approve you. Their decision is This process can take up to 1-2 days. So if you expected, that you will send emails the same day as you created your Amazon account, than you will be up for a surprise.

1. Go to Amazon SES Dashboard

2. Choose Service Limit Increase

3. Leave SES Sending Limits

4. You should choose the one according to your needs. Most businesses are fine with Transactional and Marketing.

5. Website URL: I suggest you fill this out. Gives certain credibility to your request.

Amazon SES guys will check how you are collecting emails and if you have privacy policy and unsubscribe button or option on your website. If you look spammy or someone who would do affiliate business, they might refuse you.

6. Describe, in detail, how you will only send to recipients, who approved:
You need to be careful here. I suggest you write something like this: I built my list on my website by using a signup feature with double opt-in. Anyone who signed up especially opted in.

7. Describe, in detail, the process that you will follow when you receive bounce and complaint notifications:
You should write something like this: I will use [YOUR SOFTWARE, E.g. Sendy, Mailwizz or Mautic] to remove unsubscribes, complaints and bounces. It will be automatically done by using Amazon SNS.

8. Yes 🙂

How to ask for limit raise with Amazon SES in 2020

9. Choose a region here. These regions are available for the following Marketing Software:

Mautic: Virginia, Ireland, Oregon
Mailwizz: Virgina, Ireland, Oregon, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Sydney
Sendy: Virgina, Ireland, Oregon, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Sydney

How to ask for limit raise with Amazon SES in 2020

10. Write your use case scenario. Here you should write something like this:

Hi, I’m Mike from We are a blog/website about lower back pain, and we offer a weekly newsletter to our readers to keep them updated. We only send to those who subscribed on our website and especially want the newsletter.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

How to ask for limit raise with Amazon SES in 2020